Terra Nova Varieties Adorn China’s Mt. Jinfo Natural Park

CANBY, Ore. – Terra Nova Nurseries, a world leader in plant breeding, today announced its involvement in a project by Chongqing Tianmu, which holds the exclusivity license of Terra Nova’s begonias in China, to reinstate areas of the natural landscape at Mt. Jinfo in Southwest China. Terra Nova began collaborating with Chongqing Tianmu in 2020 in an effort to build a public park and replenish the mountain with thriving plants. Terra Nova’s cold-tolerant begonias were selected and planted throughout the park because of their nativity to the region and vigor in the winter and summer seasons.

Heuchera, echinacea and kniphofia varieties bred by Terra Nova are also being planted in various locations of the park prior to its public opening in spring 2022.

Chongqing Tianmu’s role in the park’s landscape is due to the fact the company focuses on natural landscaping improvement and public garden and park construction. The company also has a department to grow liners and semi-finished plants. Terra Nova and Chongqing Tianmu work closely on various projects.

Mt. Jinfo Natural Park is being built to revive the mountain region’s scenic valleys that were destroyed by rockfalls from highway tunnel drillings. Terra Nova’s plants have been and will be planted in prominent areas of the park, providing added beauty to the natural scenery. The Terra Nova begonias used in the park require almost no maintenance and have demonstrated excellent performance in the park’s diverse ecosystems and microclimates.

“Terra Nova helped Chongqing Tianmu with the variety selections for this project based upon the differing air humidity, sunlight hours and soil texture of land plots in the park. We also helped to come up with the idea to build a cliff coffee bar surrounded by Terra Nova begonia plantings,” said Kevin Chen, Terra Nova Nurseries’ Asia Representative. “Through Terra Nova’s contribution to the Mt. Jinfo Natural Park project, we hope to further introduce the Chinese market to not only the beauty, but also the great performance, of Terra Nova begonias and other varieties.”

Among hundreds of Terra Nova plants being used at Mt. Jinfo Natural Park, select varieties planted include Begonia COCOA ‘Enchanted Sunrise’, Begonia ‘Cool Breeze Glacier’, Begonia ‘Cool Breeze Rouge’, Begonia ‘Fireworks’, Begonia HOLIDAY ‘Silver Bells’, Begonia HOLIDAY ‘Snowflake’, Begonia SILVER ‘Treasure’, Begonia SPECTRE ‘Silver’, Begonia T REX ‘First Blush’, and Begonia T REX ‘Painter’s Palette’, among others.

Mt. Jinfo Natural Park has achieved the coveted 4A level national tourist site classification with the help of these plants and the collaborative efforts of Terra Nova and Chongqing Tianmu. The park will open to the public in spring 2022, featuring deep valleys, shale rocks, waterfalls, warm springs, and more. It will become the largest public park for the city of Chongqing, China.

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