The Flower Council of Holland Wants To Entice Consumers Together With Royal FloraHolland

In addition to campaigns to inspire consumers with regard to flowers and plants such as ‘We Need More Flowers’, ‘Thanks Plants’ and ‘From Grey To Green’, the Flower Council of Holland (‘Bloemenbureau Holland’) also develops shopper activations. It does so together with trading parties and growers. Royal FloraHolland is also often involved as a coalition partner. “Projects are often launched in Product-specific Promotion Groups (PSPs). Retail Services can play an important role when it comes to connecting parties.”

Despite the impact of the coronavirus crisis on the floriculture market, the Flower Council of Holland activation team nevertheless managed to realise eleven shopper activations last year. “The team was founded in mid-2018 and its work grows every year”, says activation team manager Ivo van Orden. The activation team brings growers, trading companies and consumers closer together. “We started with four activations in six months, while ten took place in 2019.Last year, of course, started dramatically. The first activation had just been launched when everything closed down.” He remains positive. “We have a number of plans for this year as well. Eighteen shopper activations have been tentatively added to the agenda. Of course, whether or not these will actually take place depends on the duration and effect of the coronavirus situation.”

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