The Holiday Season is Here and the 2022 Dümmen Orange Poinsettia Catalog is Ready to Review

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Dümmen Orange recently unveiled its 2022 poinsettia catalog that is brimming with retail and lifestyle enhancement ideas. Turn the pages and find new trends to support growers while bringing high fashion inspiration to retailers with an eye on how to best merchandise with Dümmen Orange poinsettia varieties. QR codes throughout the catalog bring the varieties to life through professional videos which deliver more in-depth knowledge about the products. 

Dümmen Orange’s poinsettia roots run deep and the world’s leading floriculture brand has a long history of offering grower-friendly, superior genetics and unique colors that create consumer appeal. The Dümmen Orange poinsettia program is a unique combination of two long-standing breeding programs, Ecke and Red Fox. Those legacy programs are combined into the trusted Dümmen Orange brand that offers solutions and innovation for the floriculture industry. 

The history of the Ecke breeding program is solidly represented, bringing the widest scope of colors, forms and types available in the marketplace. Highlights for 2022 include Norwin Orange, whose namesake celebrates an industry icon, friend and long-time partner to the Ecke program, Norwin Heimos. Norwin Orange is the brightest true orange available, and its early finish makes it a perfect selection for autumn sales. 

Green Envy stands out with its unique chartreuse bracts that pair well with Dümmen Orange’s Fall Favorites or as a striking contrast to traditional reds. Frozen just cannot be beaten when it comes to pure white poinsettias. Consumers will love its fresh look and, unlike many white poinsettias, Frozen offers production ease. 

Traditional reds, of course, make for a proper Christmas program. Dümmen Orange continues to breed superior, durable reds and Imperial Red is precisely that. Imperial’s fiery red bracts stand out at retail with upscale appeal. Growers will like that it is fast to finish and can be grown at high density. The reduced bench time, paired with more plants on the bench, means more profits for growers and retailers. 

Benefits of choosing Dümmen Orange poinsettias do not end with the plants themselves. OnTarget, the industry’s first poinsettia graphical tracking app, allows any grower to track poinsettia crop height and make informed decisions about poinsettia culture. The app is convenient and easy to use, featuring a chat function where growers can connect with Dümmen Orange support staff. OnTarget is just one of the many ways that Dümmen Orange continues innovating to ensure customer success. 

These are just a few highlights in the complete Dümmen Orange poinsettia portfolio. Customers can take comfort in knowing that the company leads with solutions for every grower from autumn to Christmas in unique forms and colors. This broad assortment offers a wide range of choices that encourage increased sales by giving the consumer interchangeable decorating options throughout the season. Click here to take a look at the 2022 Dümmen Orange poinsettia catalog. 

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