The Latest Edition of Anthurinfo is Out

Summer has turned into autumn. With its colour combination of purple and green, the Anthurium cut flower Jumbo® suits this season perfectly, as does the copper-brown Phalaenopsis pot plant Anthura Monaco.

The good news is that China is slowly resuming its commercial activities, so we have organized a successful customer event at Anthura Kunming. In the Netherlands you can still visit our show greenhouse either in person or digitally. Don’t wait too long, because at the end of this year we will be rebuilding and the show greenhouse will be temporarily closed.

Sustainable entrepreneurship is one of our main objectives. We are also doing this on a small scale, i.e. mapping the biodiversity around Anthura. To give us a specific insight into whether and what progress is being made in terms of environmental impact, we have calculated the carbon footprint of Anthurium starting material with the help of Ecochain. And there’s more…

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