The Orchid’s Undeserved Diva Reputation

They’re beautiful. They’re exotic. They’re available at your supermarket, for
Pete’s sake!

With orchids popping up at practically every turn, we couldn’t help wondering if
we had been too hasty
in dismissing this perpetual prom queen as too fussy, too high maintenance – too
much trouble for
our busy modern lives.

Then along came the book “Bloom-Again Orchids: 50 Easy-Care Orchids That Flower
Again and
Again and Again” (Timber Press, 2009), about easygoing high performers.

“Orchids really are not difficult, they’re just different,” says “Bloom-Again
Orchids” author Judy White.
“Once you understand what they want, they’re actually a fairly good plant for
the black-thumb
gardener who neglects plants.”

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