Trend Alert – Red & Pink

Once considered a major fashion faux pas, pink and red is a powerful, punchy color combination that elevates your look and adds an element of fun to your wedding style. While it has long been believed that hues opposite each other on the color wheel were most complementary, sister shades are two of the easiest colors to combine for a modern two-tone effect that feels fresh and unique.

Pink and reds are set to become a hot wedding trend for 2023, which is a welcome addition to the wedding flower color palette, traditionally dominated by white and blush tones. So how do you successfully include pink and reds into your wedding flowers, either on their own or combined, for a look that’s beautifully chic? Read on for our top tips to style this gorgeous 2023 wedding trend.

Pick A Hero Color

If you’re feeling a bit nervous about being adventurous with your color choice, start by dipping your toe into the pink and red trend. Rather than a full 50/50 split, make one color your statement and opt for accessories or accents in the sister shade. This look is fun and unexpected and embraces the trend in a subtle artistic way, layering the colors like an impressionist painting. Below we have opted for the soft pink shades of Constance and Miranda, with just a touch of red highlight, courtesy of Tess.

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