Tulip Sales Becoming More International and Drawing Larger Public to Tulip Trade Event

From Wednesday to Friday, March 20 – 22, the international tulip sector is gathering again for the Tulip Trade Event. Given the constantly expanding export to new countries, the event is attracting a new group of visitors, as was evident last year. The three-day event will be officially opened at P. Aker in Venhuizen. The honour falls to this company because it is celebrating its 125th jubilee in 2019.

More visitors from ‘new’ countries are finding their way to North Holland for those three days. ‘We do indeed see a shift in the export market,’ confirmed purchase manager Joris de Waard from P. Aker. ‘While first we marketed to countries like Germany and Poland, now exporters keep on going past Moscow. There are promising export markets even further away, like China and other Asian countries.’

Breeders in the tulip sector concentrate primarily on new varieties with improved growth and more flowers. In the last few years, the assortment has undergone the necessary changes to respond to an increasing demand for a more varied supply. For example, there are new double tulips and two-tone varieties. Joris de Waard added, ‘But the demand for the solid colours remains strong. There is always a market for a good red, yellow or pink tulip.’

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