Valentine’s Day P.R.E.P. (Profit, Review, Execute, Profit)

Valentine’s Day is always the biggest floral holiday of the year, yet Valentine’s Day 2021 could take things to a whole new level. With so many people unable to head off to their favorite restaurant for a romantic dinner, they’ll be looking to make their at-home celebrations even more memorable. And those unable to celebrate with a loved one will want to send a gift to express their love. The answer in both cases, of course, is flowers, flowers, and more flowers! Here are a few ways to get your shop ready for what is sure to be a memorable Valentine’s Day.

Thoroughly Analyze Past Sales

What flowers sold best last Valentine’s Day? What didn’t sell as expected? Don’t just review sales from last Valentine’s Day — also check your sales from Thanksgiving and Christmas 2020. This will give you a good idea of demand from customers stuck at home due to the pandemic. Additionally, review the average spend per purchase from last year. Is there a way to increase it this year, perhaps by adding gifts to create Valentine’s Day bundles? And check your online sales for the past few months, as these will likely increase for Valentine’s Day. Once you have a good idea of what products you’ll need and how much, get your orders in fast to prevent potential supply chain slowdowns.

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