Vaselife Introduces Recyclable Paper Sachet

We are very proud to introduce an unique and innovative paper packaging for our cut flower food sachets, which is fully recyclable and FSC Certified.

Paper Recyclable Packaging.

Our new paper recyclable packaging has been independently tested according to the recognized standard PTS-RH:021/97 by the Papiertechnische Stiftung (PTSpaper) and has officially been classified as a recyclable paper product. This means that you can throw the empty packaging away into the same paper bin that you use for the rest of your household paper waste, which is sent for recycling.

FSC Certified Paper.

The kraft paper used in the sachets’ packaging is FSC certified.

In addition, we are pleased to announce that Vaselife International B.V. has recently gained FSC accreditation and all our paper packaging material such as our outer boxes, Bucket Bags, brochure etc, are all being changed to FSC certified paper.

Innovative Green Technology.

Our sachet is coated on the inside with an innovative material, which is exclusive to Vaselife.

This creates a watertight barrier which means it can sit in water for several days. During the paper recycling process, the highly mineralized coating easily separates from the paper allowing the paper fibres to be re-used.

Vaselife International.

Vaselife is a market driven company producing premium flower care products for the whole of the flower chain, from grower to consumer. We pride ourselves as being the most sustainable company within our industry and are committed to investing in new technologies to make our products and packaging more sustainable.

For Samples and Sales.

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