Waterdrinker, OZ Planten and Hamiplant Join Forces to Become Dutch Plant Group

As of 11 November 2020 Waterdrinker will join forces with OZ Planten and Hamiplant (both part of Dutch Flower Group) to form the Dutch Plant Group. By sharing knowledge and international network of plant breeders and growers, Dutch Plant Group aims to accelerate the flow of innovative new products from the breeding process to end markets.

Waterdrinker is one of the international floriculture sector’s largest plant trading companies. Known for its focus on product innovation and collaboration with growers and breeders, Waterdrinker employs 350 people in its continual operation supplying all kinds of businesses, from individual florists to retail multiples. Two years ago, Waterdrinker opened Europe’s largest trade and wholesale plant purchasing centre, the Green Trade Center (GTC) in Aalsmeer. GTC offers an enormous range of plants and accessories, in which novelties and innovation are a prominent feature.

OZ Planten supplies wholesalers, florist chains and retail multiples such as garden centres and DIY stores, as well as specialist retailers in the Netherlands and all around Europe. OZ Planten promotes “passion for plants” via a relationship-oriented approach with both growers and customers.

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