Wedding P.R.E.P. (Plan, Review, Execute, Profit)

Wedding season is upon us! With restrictions easing up, weddings which were postponed last year are now more important than ever. But with guidelines varying from area to area, wedding planning can be tricky. We know that many retail florists are also event planners, so we wanted to give you some tips to share with engaged couples to help them plan their big day in the safest, most stress-free way.

  1. Check reviews of venues

If a customer hasn’t booked (or re-booked) their venue, have them check reviews and cancellation policies first. Many locations have done a great job of catering to restrictions brought on by the pandemic, yet some have not. If their reviews have dropped, it’s best to find out why before booking with them.

  1. Be flexible on days and times

With so many people booking 2021 weddings to make up for their missed 2020 wedding, most Saturday dates are likely gone. Advise your customers to think of alternate days, like Fridays, Sundays, or weekdays. They may also want to consider alternate times, such as brunch or lunch weddings, to get the venue they want.

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