Zentoo Expands Partnership with Van Geel Chrysanten

Zentoo will expand further this spring with the connection of Van Geel Chrysanten. This means that a collaboration that started two years ago will be further expanded into full affiliation with Zentoo.

Van Geel Chrysanten will switch to the new white single-flowered spray chrysanthemum Ilonka from Dümmen Orange. Planting of this novelty will start from mid-April. Van Geel’s Baltica share will be added to Zentoo’s existing share. From June, Ilonka will be added to the Zentoo collection. Ilonka will then account for 33% of the total single white production within Zentoo.

With the connection of Van Geel Chrysanten and the addition of Ilonka to the collection, Zentoo can continue to meet the increasing demand for white single-flowered chrysanthemums. Johan Booster: ‘After a collaboration of two years, we see this step as an important milestone for the development of our company’.

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