2020 Insights on Global Meat & Poultry Trends – Key Trends Impacting Meat Consumption

DUBLIN-The “Global Meat & Poultry Trends” report has been added to ResearchAndMarkets.com’s offering.

The publisher projects that global meat and poultry consumption will reach 313 million metric tons in 2023. Global per capita consumption will rise slightly to 39 kilograms per year. Nations in Africa and the Middle East, where meat consumption is currently low, will register the fastest consumption gains as per capita incomes allow more people to incorporate meat into their regular diet.

When analyzed by type, poultry will register the fastest increases, due largely to its low price. Concerns over the health impacts of red meats, especially in high income countries, have also caused an ongoing shift in consumption toward poultry.

Further analysis in Global Meat & Poultry Trends discusses a number of trends that can affect meat consumption. These include the correlation between per capita income and meat consumption, competition from meat alternatives (with an emphasis on plant based products such as those offered by Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods), flexitarian and other diets, animal welfare issues, and the impact of meat consumption on human health.

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