2021 Top Trends to Watch

If those of us in the meat industry have learned anything from 2020, it’s that even the most thoughtful predictions go out the window in the face of a pandemic. But it’s precisely that pandemic that has irrevocably altered how we do business and exponentially accelerated the trends we’ll be focusing on in 2021. Here are Midan’s top picks for the meat industry trends to watch next year:

1. Increased Consumer Focus on Health and Wellness

“Food as medicine” and functional food trends were evolving before COVID-19, but the pandemic ramped up consumers’ health concerns, driving them to consider foods based on their perceived health benefits: immunity, healthy oxygen levels, muscle repair, energy and fat to muscle ratio. To really play in this health space, the meat industry will need to amplify meat’s protein and essential nutrient benefits messaging. In a June 2020 Datassential report, only 13% of respondents selected red meat as a food that could aid immunity or strengthen recovery if they got sick. By comparison, 39% chose citrus fruits.

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