3 Ways to Help Consumers Spice Things Up This Grilling Season

It’s the end of May, which means grilling season is officially here! Consumers have always loved firing up the grill during the summer, whether it’s ribeyes for two or a backyard barbecue with the neighbors. As consumers continue to evolve, though, so does how they grill. Here are three things to keep on your radar this grilling season:

1. Times and Tools Are Changing

Old standbys like a Weber kettle grill and a bag of charcoal will never go out of style. But there are a lot of new tools on the grilling scene that consumers are excited about. One example of this is the Blackstone and other outdoor griddles. These flat cooking surfaces are super versatile and essentially turn any food into a grill-worthy option, and as a result, grilling isn’t just for dinner anymore. According to the Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association, 12% of grill owners are now grilling for brunch and 7% are grilling for breakfast.1 Grilled eggs and breakfast sausages, anyone?

Another new product in the grilling world is flavored charcoal briquettes and pellets – and we’re not talking “Hickory” or “Applewood” flavored. Kingsford® recently released a line of Signature Flavors including “Cumin Chili,” “Garlic Onion Paprika” and “Basil Sage Thyme” charcoals to add a new layer of flavor to grilled foods. This totally lines up with what we know about today’s consumers: 66% of them like to experiment with exciting flavors.2

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