Anheuser-Busch’s Budweiser: The King of… Meat?

You’ve likely heard of beer-can chicken, and on St. Patrick’s Day you may have even enjoyed corned beef that was marinated and cooked in Guinness beer. But Anheuser-Busch InBev(NYSE:BUD) is trying to go one better by launching a line of Budweiser-infused pork products for the summer.

The brewer has partnered with Coleman Natural Foods to produce smoked ribs, pulled pork, and bratwurst that are made with its beer in an attempt to lure millennial consumers back to the processed meat case. But how combining two products that millennials are separately spurning will benefit either one is a question that hasn’t been answered.

A move to meatless meat

Anheuser-Busch and Coleman note millennials represent over 80 million consumers and account for some $600 billion in annual spending, a portion of which they want to capture. “The processed meat department has been hungry for new innovations and new customers,” Coleman general manager Bart Vittori said in the press release, affirming the two companies’ belief that “the Budweiser and Coleman licensing agreement will drive sales in a flat category within this section of the store.” That could be a hard sell.

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