Author & Former Anchor Touts Benefits Of Healthier Beef

Originally titled, "Eating for the Earth," Bill Kurtis’ recent presentation at Lake Forest, IL’s Rondout School took on a more serious tone when the first slide indicated a more
direct approach, "Death by Food."

The former CBS-TV Chicago anchorman quickly explained away the difference,
noting the more somber title is used for strictly adult audiences. Though the
two dozen people who filled Rondout School’s multipurpose room where
predominantly adults on Feb. 10, there were a few children as well. Regardless,
Kurtis stuck to the same message in trying to educate the audience on the values
of grass-fed beef compared to corn-fed.

His interest in the subject is self-motivated. Kurtis, who resides in Mettawa,
owns a cattle ranch in his home state of Kansas. In 2005, he founded Tallgrass
Beef Co. in Sedan, Kan., to produce natural beef, which is available in Chicago
area restaurants and grocery outlets (Sunset Foods and Fox and Obel).

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