Beef and the Recent Increase in Online Grocery Shopping

Online grocery ordering has expanded its reach and popularity over the past several years, but current events have recently aided its growth. A study by Brick Meets Click reports the household penetration for online grocery shopping hit its highest at 33% in May of 2020. Based on this rapid shift in consumer behavior, the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, a contractor to the Beef Checkoff, sought to better understand the online grocery landscape both at a high-level, as well as specific to beef.

Initially, the research gathered insight on how consumers’ online grocery behavior has changed with the current climate around the COVID-19 pandemic. Overall, 51% of consumers increased their online grocery shopping and 21% just started buying groceries online. Further, 70% of the total consumers surveyed plan to continue or increase online grocery shopping in the future. 

Other insights were gathered on who online grocery consumers are, their barriers and motivations for online grocery shopping, and their general purchase habits. Anyone can order groceries online and it is common across all regions of the country, but younger and higher income consumers are the most concentrated groups of online shoppers. Those who order groceries online more often are also demographically different. More frequent online grocery shoppers skew male, middle-aged, and those with kids. These consumers are also more inclined to order beef online. For those who do buy fresh beef online, only 5% have ever been unsatisfied. Satisfied consumers commented on beef’s freshness and quality the most: 

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