Beef Producers Battle ‘Misconceptions’

MEDINA — Phil Keppeler walked over to one of the bulls at SK Herefords, and he patted "Big Mac" on the back and the head. The 2,700-pound animal stood like a puppy, basking in the attention.

"He's really good-natured," Keppeler said to about a dozen nutritionists from nearby hospitals, schools and grocery chain stores.

The beef farm on Ryan Road hosted a tour on Wednesday for nutritionists. It was the third time this month a New York beef operation opened its doors to nutritionists. A farm in Port Byron near Syracuse and another one near Albany also explained their operations to the public this month as part of a public awareness campaign.

Dave Schubel, co-owner of SK Herefords, said there is too much misinformation about the industry. Many of the depictions of beef production show enormous feedlots in the Midwest. That was the impression left by the recent popular documentary, Food Inc., which was nominated for an Oscar.

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