Beef Took Center Stage During the 2023 New England Food Show

Boston, MA – The Beef Checkoff’s Northeast Beef Promotion Initiative (NEBPI) featured beef on center stage at this year’s New England Food Show which took place April 2 -4, 2023 at Boston Convention & Exhibition Center. 

The New England Food Show is the region’s largest restaurant and foodservice event serving both the foodservice and retail sectors. The event featured the latest products, services, and technologies, along with a leading-edge program of education and demonstrations which provided restaurants, retail, and foodservice establishments from the New England area with tools to grow and improve their business.

NEBPI sponsored a center stage butchery demo on Monday, April 3rd that was executed by expert beef butcher Kari Underly, founder of Range Meat Academy and author of, The Art of Beef Cutting.

The sirloin subprimal was the star of this year’s butchery demonstration. In a fast-paced 30-minute cutting demo, Kari explored the cuts located around the hip joint. Attendees who participated in the center stage butchery demonstration learned about popular cuts that can be pulled from this subprimal, as well as menuing applications for their establishments. 

Beef was also showcased during the food show expo, where the NEBPI partnered with Pineland Farms of Gloucester, ME. The team at Pineland Farms recently worked with Sysco Boston to increase the distribution of their beef to restaurants within the greater Boston area.

Jeff Johnson, VP of Marketing and Sales with Pineland Farms, found the show to be well- attended with excellent foodservice opportunities for the upcoming year. “The NEBPI served as an ideal partner by providing patrons with valuable beef industry information and promotional materials.  We are looking forward to partnering with The Northeast Beef Promotion Initiative again in the future, said Johnson.”

The partnership with Pineland Farms allowed the Checkoff to share information about beef and the beef industry, while connecting retail and foodservice partners with a supplier, with the goal of building beef demand in the region. 

“It is always great to interact with these key food service individuals and learn their needs. The entire industry has changed in the last few years, and being able to answer their questions and provide resources for them on behalf of beef has been gratifying and enjoyable, said Kari.”

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