Belcampo Meat Co. Launches Partner Farm Program to Support Mission to Create a New Certified Humane, Organic and Regeneratively-Farmed Meat Supply Chain

OAKLAND, Calif.—Belcampo, pioneer of hyper-sustainable organic, grass-fed and -finished, Certified Humane meats, broths and jerky, has announced the launch of its partner farm program as part of its commitment to revolutionize the meat industry from the inside out. Together with its network of new farm partners, Belcampo is embarking on a mission to enact widespread, long-term change in the meat industry and to help fix the way meat is produced in America, by building a new regeneratively-farmed meat supply chain through a network of Certified Humane and organic farms.

“The health crisis of the past few months has shown us the ways in which our meat supply system is in need of transformation,” said Anya Fernald, co-founder and CEO of Belcampo. “We’re actively working to create positive change in this industry that’s struggling to adapt and pivot by working with a network of smaller-scale partner farms to increase the accessibility of humane, organic and regeneratively-farmed meat that consumers are actively seeking to support their own wellness and health.”

Spearheaded by multigenerational family farmer and Belcampo’s farm and procurement director, James Rickert, Belcampo is working hand-in-hand with a new network of family-owned American ranches in Northern California who embody its commitment to animal welfare and delivering superior-quality meat that supports human and environmental health. Through the program, the farmers are given the tools, education, and market opportunities to transition to a more sustainable, humane and regenerative model of agriculture, including Certified Humane animal handling and processing, and USDA Organic Certification. Partners also benefit from Belcampo’s strong marketing presence, and selling through the company’s seven sales channels, including its restaurants, delivery services, direct-to-consumer, CPG/grocery, specialty retailers and more. Belcampo projects its beef production to double by 2021 with the addition of new cattle rancher partners this summer.

“As a fifth generation farmer, I’ve seen and lived through the changes in this industry and know that regenerative and humane farming practices are not only providing new opportunities for multigenerational farms to carry the family business forward, but also building a more sustainable future for all of us,” said James Rickert, farm director at Belcampo. “We’ve grown our partner farm program from the ground up in Northern California organically through the grassroots farming community, as many ranchers in our area became aware of our mission and wanted to invest in their farms’ futures. Together, we’re looking forward to building a new supply chain of sustainability-raised meat produced with humane, organic practices and expanding the program across the country.”

Belcampo is on a mission to revolutionize the meat industry for the well-being of people, the planet and animals by building a supply chain that produces meat with Certified Humane, regenerative and climate-positive farming practices resulting in healthier meat products. Belcampo’s animals are raised on its own USDA Certified Organic farms in California (on 25,000 acres of pristine farmland) using Certified Humane and regenerative farming techniques, and from the farmers in its partner farm program. The animals are processed onsite at its own USDA-inspected, Certified Humane processing facility that integrates a strict coding system that allows full traceability from animal birth to butchery to your plate. Its new CPG grocery portfolio includes a variety of beef, poultry, pork and lamb cuts, bone broths and snacks, including whole cuts of beef such as Ribeye, New York Strip and Tri-Tip, ground beef, pork and lamb, beef jerky, sausages, whole Cornish chickens, smoked bacon, eggs and bone broths.

Belcampo’s meats, broths and jerkies are available at select retailers on the West Coast, in its restaurants and butcheries in the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles and New York, N.Y., and online at For more information about Belcampo, please visit For more information or to inquire about becoming a part of the partner farm program, contact James Rickert at

About Belcampo

On a mission to revolutionize the meat industry from the inside out, Belcampo has pioneered a different model of bringing healthy and pasture-raised, free-range meat directly from its own Organic Certified, regenerative California farms, and partner farms with the same guidelines, to consumers through the brand’s restaurants, retail shops and new packaged meat line available in select grocery stores and online. All Belcampo meats, including both popular and untraditional cuts, are harvested from grass-fed and -finished herds and pasture-raised flocks of heritage-breed hogs, sheep, cattle and poultry, and processed at the company’s multi-species Certified Humane and USDA Certified butchery located in Yreka, Calif. Belcampo products are available in select retailers and online on its website. For more information, visit or connect on TwitterInstagram or Facebook.