Beyond Meat Costs More Than Traditional Meat, But Data Show Consumers Are Willing to Pay

Beyond Meat has had a blockbuster year. Its soaring IPO performance and its first public earnings release have created a lot of buzz around both the company and the industry growing for plant-based meat alternatives. 

The latest release of data from Nielsen, analyzed by JPMorgan analysts show that while Beyond Meat’s takeaway sales remain high, so do its prices. This could be a problem for the company — and the plant-based meat market — going forward. 

“We hear that the premium on these products isn’t that bad, but when I go to the grocery store and I see the alternative product at $12 or $11 per pound and then I can go into the meat case and find a ton of traditional meat products under $3 per pound, that’s a big ask for the US consumer to realize that kind of differential,” said Will Sawyer, the lead economist of animal protein at Cobank.

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