Canada Beef Appoints New Director Of The Canadian Beef Centre Of Excellence

CALGARY, AB  – Canada Beef is pleased to announce the appointment of Mathieu Paré as the new Director of the Canadian Beef Centre of Excellence (CBCE) effective today.

The CBCE, located within Canada Beef's headquarters in Calgary, Alberta, strives to be a global leader in beef communication, culinary training, education and business development around Canada's beef industry through a state-of-the-art facility including a full commercial kitchen line, consumer kitchen and beef fabrication room.

A Governor General Award winner and professional chef, Paré brings passion and expertise in fine dining to the table. Trained in Western Canada's most demanding kitchens (La Chaumiere, Rouge, Quail's Gate Estate Winery, CP Rail's The Royal Canadian Pacific), Paré's focus is on classic technique and execution while maintaining some freedom for surprise, fusion and one-of-a-kind creativity.

"Canada Beef selected Mathieu for his experience positioning a brand around food," said Marty Carpenter, departing Director of the CBCE, Canada Beef. "His creative approach and confidence in delivery will be invaluable given the diversity of clients the CBCE works with."

In his role, Paré will lead a team creating opportunity and competitiveness for Canadian beef globally through successfully engaging clients across Canada and around the world to build understanding of the Canadian beef brand and drive demand.

"As a chef, I've always appreciated the world class quality the Canadian beef industry delivers," said Mathieu Paré, new Director of the CBCE, Canada Beef. "I'm excited to share the Canadian beef brand story and celebrate the beauty of our product at this amazing facility."

The CBCE is a hub of connectivity between customers and the Canadian beef brand on both a technical and emotional level. Over the first 18 months in operation, the CBCE hosted 66 domestic and international missions, from approximately 33 countries and enabled or leveraged approximately $150 million in commercial business.

"The CBCE Director role is more than a chef job," said Carpenter. "It is taking a leadership role at an established world-class facility and taking it to the next level."

Carpenter has enjoyed working with Canada's beef industry for over 23 years as one of the nation's premier Canadian beef ambassadors. Sharing his passion for food has been a lifelong pursuit for Carpenter. A Certified Chef de Cuisine with an impressive culinary career, Carpenter has been instrumental in leading the development and operation of the CBCE. He will train Paré in his new role in the coming weeks and formally retire on March 1, 2017, ending his time with Canada Beef as guest chef at the upcoming Canadian Beef Branding Series at the Gulfood Show in Dubai, UAE.

"On behalf of the Canadian beef industry, we want to thank Marty for over 23 years of outstanding dedication and service to Canada's beef producers," said Ron Glaser, Vice President of Corporate Affairs, Canada Beef. "He has truly been a leader working with consumers and trade partners around the world to create opportunities for Canada's beef industry."

Canada Beef's CBCE team of butchery experts and culinary staff explore creative, new ideas that bring out the best in Canadian beef — for your family table, favourite restaurant or grocery store. For more information and to virtually tour the CBCE visit

About Canada Beef
Canada Beef is the cattle producer-funded and run organization responsible for domestic and international beef and veal market development. It has approximately 32 staff in offices in Canada, Mexico, Japan, China, and Taiwan. Canada Beef works to enable and sustain loyalty to the Canadian beef brand and build strong relationships with trade customers and partners around the world. These efforts increase demand for Canadian beef and the value producers receive for their cattle.

About Canadian Beef Centre of Excellence
The Canadian Beef Centre of Excellence (CBCE), located in Calgary, Alberta, is the jewel of the Canadian beef brand and one of Canada Beef's richest resources. The CBCE creates the opportunity to communicate and educate on a global scale. The CBCE is a showcase and focal point for the Canadian beef and veal industry providing education, leadership, training and product innovation activities. Through the focus of Connect, Innovate and Inspire, the CBCE brings the Canadian beef brand and story to life.

Source: Canada Beef