Canadian Beef-Tracking Program Could Help Industry’s Smaller Moovers & Shakers

VANCOUVER — A new industry program that tracks cattle from birth to the dining room table may help boost the bottom line for ranchers while catering to consumers who are willing to pay a few extra bucks for beef that's locally born and bred.

The program from the Canadian Cattleman's Association, a national organization for beef producers, could allow ground beef, roasts and steaks to be labelled with their province of origin — a boon for foodies who increasingly want to source every element of their meal.

Presently, supermarket beef is generally only labelled as "Canadian."

It's welcome news to Michelle Smith, who buys her beef from a small-scale farmer near 100 Mile House, B.C.

She said she hopes the proposed labelling will go further in identifying the farm and lifestyle of its animals.

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