Carrie Oliver Of Oliver Ranch Company Discusses Artisanal Beef

Several decades ago, a guy by the name of Mick Colvin got a bright idea.
Maybe he could develop a brand name around a specific breed of cattle. At the
time, beef was beef; not much differentiation, not a very quality-oriented
product. It took a few years but he helped Angus become a brand that meant the
good stuff. Mick went on to become one of the inaugural members of the Meat
Industry Hall of Fame.

But no product stands pat if its to continue to succeed. Beef cant continue to
be an important part of the American diet if its just Angus and the other
stuff. Consumers are a curious bunch, always looking for something new. So why
not look at beef in the same way we looked at wine in the 1980s? Or coffee in
the 1990s?

Carrie Oliver thinks beef can be the hot thing of the coming decade. Her stated
goal is to help people discover and celebrate the true nature of meat the
incredible variety that exists, the fantastic people who help bring it to our
plates, the good stories, and the ones that arent so good. If we collectively
understand whats really going on out there, we can use this information to make
intelligent choices.

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