Certified Piedmontese Further Invests in Grass Fed Beef Operations to Meet Demand & Offer Consumers High-Quality, Source-Verified Products

LINCOLN, Neb. — Certified Piedmontese—a Lincoln, Nebraska-based beef company—looks to expand its source verified, grass fed, grass finished beef operations to meet consumer demand for high-quality grass fed, grass finished beef. 

“We know consumers want a better, USA raised and produced grass finished product,” says Joe Finegan, Online Sales Coordinator. “Our grass finished beef simply outperforms all other breeds and programs in tenderness and flavor.”

The Certified Piedmontese grass fed, grass finished beef program is Where Food Comes From source verified by IMI Global, an established and accredited source for third-party verification of food production practices. Certified Piedmontese also subscribes to self-imposed audits regularly through IMI Global and other progressive agencies to verify each of its farm-to-fork processes and claims, so consumers know exactly where and how the beef is raised.

Certified Piedmontese has a fully stocked variety of grass fed, grass finished steaks, roasts, and more at Piedmontese.com.

Increasing Growth & Demand
As topics like animal welfare and regenerative agriculture (the idea that ruminant animals are key to a healthy ecosystem) become mainstream, consumer demand for high-quality, responsibly raised grass fed, grass finished beef continues to grow.
Grass fed, grass finished beef purchases in the U.S. have seen significant growth over the last decade. According to Nielsen data, sales grew from $17 million in 2012 to $272 million in 2016. In 2019, grass fed beef supermarket sales reached nearly $480 million, showing 15% year-over-year growth.
Certified Piedmontese looks to not only capitalize on recent market growth, but also continue setting the standard for high-quality, source-verified, grass fed, grass finished beef produced in the U.S.

Certified Piedmontese Grass Fed, Grass Finished Beef
Certified Piedmontese cattle are raised on the plains of the Midwest, where the cattle eat grass, flowering plants like sunflowers and milkweed, seeds from grasses such as wheat and millet, and roughage like hay and alfalfa. The cattle never receive grain and graze open pastures as much as seasonally permissible.
Certified Piedmontese cattle never receive antibiotics, hormones, or animal by-products. Ranchers employ low-stress handling techniques that respond to the natural instincts and behaviors of the cattle to keep them calm and healthy. These responsible practices ensure a high-quality grass fed beef product that meets consumer expectations, including their increasing concerns for how and where their food is grown and raised. 

About Certified Piedmontese
Certified Piedmontese is a healthier beef option that doesn’t sacrifice flavor or tenderness. With fewer calories, less fat, and higher protein per ounce than beef from other breeds, it’s an ideal source of lean protein for a healthy diet. Piedmontese cattle are raised responsibly on family ranches across the Midwest through a ranch-to-fork process that ensures traceability, environmental sustainability, humane animal handling, and responsible resource management at every step.  Progressive stockmanship values such as low stress handling protocols and the elimination of added growth hormones, antibiotics, and animal by-products ensure healthier cattle and higher-quality beef for consumers who won’t settle for anything less. Learn more at Piedmontese.com.