Certified Piedmontese uses Initiatives to Make Better Beef

LINCOLN, Neb. — Certified Piedmontese—a Lincoln, Nebraska – based beef company – has many initiatives to make it the better beef.

Certified Piedmontese, is committed to doing things the right way. Their goal is producing the healthiest, highest-quality beef products available. Certified Piedmontese takes a completely different approach than other cattle producers.

Certified Piedmontese cattle never receive antibiotics. What it comes down to is that healthy cattle do not need antibiotics, ever. When it comes to hormones, animal by-products, and steroids Certified Piedmontese cattle are never given any.

Just like humans, the nutrition cattle have, has a huge impact on overall health. Their cattle receive only quality nutrition that consists of prairie grasses supplemented by crops grown by our ranchers.

The cattle spend on family ranches in the Midwest, where they are free to roam in the comfortable surroundings.

Preserving the natural resources while still providing our cattle balanced nutrition, makes this practice sustainable for the environment. It also allows for more consistency in your product, while also having more health benefits for the consumer and for the animal.

This higher standard of care is the type of quality they want to come across in all aspects of Certified Piedmontese’s product and business.

Where Food Comes From, Inc., an independent third-party organization that audits each year to approve certifications that account for consistency and traceability. This verifies their transparency as a company.

When it all comes together—the uniqueness and quality of the breed, our commitment to transparency and doing things right, and the data and verification to back it all up—Certified Piedmontese is inarguably a beef product that’s a premium product. And if you value quality, it is the better beef.

About Certified Piedmontese

Certified Piedmontese is real beef raised in the Midwest, Certified Piedmontese is a healthier option that is naturally leaner, more tender, and flavorful — it is what beef really tastes like.

Our Piedmontese cattle are raised responsibly on family ranches across the Midwest through a ranch-to-fork process that ensures traceability, environmental sustainability, humane animal handling.  All Certified Piedmontese beef is verified all-natural and raised without hormones, antibiotics, or steroids. This ensures healthier cattle and higher-quality beef for consumers. Learn more at Piedmontese.com.