Chicken Farmers of Canada Unveils “Brand” New Logo

OTTAWA – Chicken Farmers of Canada is launching a new logo, one that revitalizes its corporate look and demonstrates, visibly, its ability to adapt and change.

This new logo incorporates the distinctive chicken from the Raised by a Canadian Farmer brand logo, as well as other key brand markers. The main goal for the new logo is to ensure that there is a visible and identifiable connection between the corporate identity and the brand.

“Chicken Farmers of Canada has a history of being able to adapt and change with the times,” said Benoît Fontaine, Chair of Chicken Farmers of Canada. “And change we have over the past 40+ years. When we started, our logo looked very different. And since then, we’ve been through five iterations of that logo.”

This new logo will enshrine the consistency with the brand, not to be identical, but in such a way as to help people understand what we do. And in turn, this will help support the brand and make it easier to promote.

“Now, with our upcoming move to a new, modern office, we believe it’s time to change that logo to better reflect who we are,” said Fontaine. “In the spirit of evolution, I am pleased to launch the brand-new corporate logo for Chicken Farmers of Canada. It reinforces that our brand is a part of everything we do.”

The Raised by a Canadian Farmer brand for Canadian chicken was launched four years ago. The Brand continues to grow in the hearts and minds of Canadian consumers, with 36 national and regional industry partners actively using the logo. And, recent studies show that 87% of Canadians believe that it is important that Canadian chicken be labelled as Canadian and that Canadian chicken is raised by farmers they can trust.


When the Canadian Chicken Marketing Agency was founded in 1978, farmers raised just over 355 million kg of chicken. Now, production stands at almost 1.3 billion kg. In 1978, consumption was 15.7 kg per person, and it has seen growth to 34.6 kg per person. |