Chuck Knows Beef, You Should Know Chuck

Meet Chuck Knows Beef, the only all-knowing beef expert powered by Google Artificial Intelligence. He has the know-how of a rancher, the skills of a chef … and the sense of humor of, well … a dad.

Chuck increases shoppers’ meat knowledge, which should increase your sales.

One of the top findings in this year’s Power of Meat Study is the industry can drive demand, and sales, by teaming up to enhance shoppers’ meat knowledge. With more knowledge, shoppers purchase a greater variety of cuts and increase store loyalty, spending and trips.1

Chuck Knows Beef can answer questions about everything from cuts, to cooking, to recipes. By introducing your shoppers to Chuck, you can help increase their knowledge without increasing your training or labor costs. Make Chuck a part of your meat team team to enhance shopper loyalty and ultimately drive meat case sales.

Chuck Knows Beef is available on Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, but you can meet him right now on your mobile device or desktop by visiting

FIVE things to know about Chuck

  1. All-Beef-Knowing
    Chuck Knows Beef – from recipes and cuts to nutrition and cooking tips. Plus, a whole lot more!
  2. Easily Accessible
    Quickly access Chuck at, or simply enable Chuck Knows Beef with your Google Home Assistant or Amazon Alexa.
  3. Powered by Google AI
    Chuck Knows Beef is powered by Google Artificial Intelligence, instantly accessing and serving up your beefy answers.
  4. Constantly Learning
    Just like beef, Chuck gets better with age. He’s always learning and adapting to better answer your questions.
  5. Fun Personality
    Chuck isn’t ALL business. He has a fun personality, his own favorite song and enjoys a good dad joke from time to thyme.

1 – The Power of Meat: An In-Depth Look at Meat and Poultry Through the Shoppers’ Eyes 2018, Food Marketing Institute, Foundation for Meat & Poultry Research & Education