Country Archer Provisions Partners with Richards Grassfed Beef to Advance Impact of Regenerative Agriculture

SAN BERNARDINO, Calif.–Country Archer Provisions, (formerly known as Country Archer Jerky Co.), the leading grass-fed meat snack brand, today announced a new partnership with Richards Grassfed Beef, the first cattle ranch on the west coast to be Ecological Outcome Verified by the Savory Institute. Committed to improving soil health of the land, this family-run ranch based in Northern California converted their practices to include regenerative land management, such as holistic grazing, to foster carbon sequestration — a process that pulls carbon from the atmosphere and stores it into the soil — and cultivate a biodiverse ecosystem.

As a vertically-integrated company that handcrafts all its jerky in Southern California, Country Archer’s alliance with Richards establishes a new sustainable supply chain for grass-fed and -finished pasture-raised beef while enabling the farm to continue expanding its regenerative operations. In the wake of COVID-19, an influx of conventional meat suppliers vying for space at processing facilities across the country created fierce competition that nearly forced Richards Grassfed Beef to cease its operations as it was unable to meet the minimum processing requirements. This is just one example of the systemic issues with large-scale conventional meat processing that has been exposed by the pandemic. However, partnerships between manufacturers like Country Archer and sustainable farms like Richards are a case study for the entire industry, demonstrating how smaller-scale regional operations can protect the meat supply chain while also furthering the regenerative agriculture movement.

“Since day one, our mission has been to craft real food to craft a better world, and Richards Grassfed is a shining example of the impact our collective food choices can make on the planet and our own health,” said Country Archer CEO Eugene Kang, who co-founded the company with Susan Kang. “By sourcing pasture-raised beef from a regenerative, local producer like Richards, we’re not only increasing accessibility of the highest quality nutrient-superior protein for more people, but we’re minimizing our carbon footprint and advancing regenerative farming practices domestically. We need more U.S. farms and ranchers like Richards making a tangible impact on soil health and the overall ecosystem. We’re incredibly proud to help build a more resilient and sustainable supply chain together.”

The Richards family has operated its 6,500-acre ranch since 1941, but it was Carrie Richards, a wedding photographer turned regenerative cattle rancher, who realized there was a better, healthier way to create a positive environmental impact through sustainable land management rather than extracting from it. The ranch transitioned to practices that eliminate the use of chemicals and fertilizers, as well as “resting pastures” to avoid over grazing, which led to an increase in biodiversity, a 10 percent increase in soil carbon levels, and a decrease of 360 tons of feed of hay consumption. Its Savory Institute certification tracks the positive landscape and environmental impacts of regenerative farming, including biodiversity, soil health, water infiltration and carbon sequestration.

“We are a small family-owned farm, but we feel we have a role to play to further regenerative agriculture for the health of our planet and the future of farming,” said Carrie Richards, of Richards Grassfed. “We’re grateful to form this partnership with a brand like Country Archer to help us be able to stay true to the values we were built on and create a mutual beneficially partnership. Together, we’ll fulfill our mission of and commitment to the environment, continue to increase wildlife biodiversity, and provide the highest quality beef in the most transparent and sustainable way possible.”

All of Country Archer’s beef has and will always be 100 percent grass-fed-and -finished from pasture-raised sources. Country Archer continuously looks to limit its environmental impact, through its supply chain and sourcing of ingredients.

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