Demand Soaring For Hot Dogs, Exotic Sausages

Come summer time, which unofficially kicks off Memorial Day, Southern Californians dust off their barbecues and think about one thing: grilling.

This summer, expect back yards and restaurants to pay homage to the hot dog — which is overtaking burgers as the next big comfort food, according to menu trends expert Nancy Kruse. In a report released last month at an industry trade show, Kruse said sausages are making a comeback thanks, in part, to food trucks that showcase specialty links on their menus.

Sausages and hot dogs varieties are also expanding. We're seeing snappy beef frankfurters, exotic kangaroo, spicy Cajun, traditional Bratwursts and skinless turkey dogs.

"Burgers have been around forever, and they've had a revival over the last three to five years. The same is now true for hot dogs, only it's gourmet sausages," said Christian Murcia, co-founder of the Brats Berlin.

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