Diestel’s Artisanal Turkey Bacon Is Smoked With Real Hardwood

Sonora, CA – You know how it feels when you take the first bite of a freshly carved Diestel turkey on Thanksgiving? That pure, classic, familiar, super-juicy turkey goodness that bursts into your mouth and makes everything right in the world. Imagine that in a sizzling slice of bacon, and you have Diestel’s latest addition to their year-round product offerings.

Diestel’s Uncured Turkey Bacon is crafted with care from butcher-quality, whole-muscle cuts and slow smoked over natural hardwood to bring out the bird’s rich turkey flavor and give it premium texture. Delicious baked or fried, chewy or perfectly crisp, the family’s quality craftsmanship shows through in every bacon-y bite, making this healthy and lean meat so much more than an alternative to its more popular pork counterpart. This is everything turkey bacon should be.

100% sugar free and paleo compliant, the product is made from thoughtfully raised turkeys given individual care, a wholesome vegetarian-fed diet, plenty of fresh air, and room to roam. Diestel’s better-for-you turkey bacon is also completely free of antibiotics, nitrates, nitrites, gluten and carrageenan. And since it’s low in fat and only 35 calories a slice, you can pile that TBLT (turkey bacon, lettuce and tomato) sandwich as high as it can go!

Shared Heidi Diestel, “No sugar is added to our Uncured Turkey Bacon because it doesn’t need it. There is nothing more delicious than high-quality, sustainably raised turkey, and we’ve gone above and beyond to deliver those artisan flavors in every single slice of our bacon. It’s of course a wonderful complement to the all-American bacon and eggs breakfast or for adding savory flavor to lunch and dinner recipes, but honestly, it’s incredible all on its own.”

Diestel’s Uncured Turkey Bacon is available to retailers and foodservice customers nationwide and sold online at store.diestelturkey.com throughout the summer months. The product comes in 8oz packages.

About Diestel Family Ranch

The Diestel Family Ranch is one of the few, small, family-owned and operated ranches left in the nation.

Run by a team of passionate and forward-thinking, fourth-generation turkey farmers, the family’s high standards have remained unchanged since the ranch’s founding in 1949. Due to careful farming practices and an emphasis on quality craftsmanship, a.k.a. the Diestel Difference, Diestel’s products are always juicy, tender, and deliver handcrafted artisan flavors. Producing both holiday turkey and year-round products, the Diestel Family Ranch exists for the health and happiness of future generations. For more information visit DiestelFamilyRanch.com or contact 888-4-Gobble / info@diestelfamilyranch.com. Also find @diestelturkey on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Source: Diestel Family Ranch