Donnelly Irish Meats – Providing Quality Irish Pork Products To The US Market

Mount Vernon, NEW YORK – Donnelly Irish Meats have been supplying quality Irish pork products to the US market for over 30 years. Made using 100% Irish pork, Donnelly provides retail and food service with quality sausages, bacon, sausage rolls, black and white pudding, boiling ham and more.

Donnelly, originated from Ireland in the late 1800s, is now one of the leading Irish Meat companies in the US. Donnelly's best-selling Pork Bangers are perfect in a sandwich or in an Irish breakfast. They are available in both regular and jumbo size making them ideal for food service.

Donnelly Irish Meat products are all made to traditional recipes and are suited for all occasions and audiences. A bacon rasher makes the perfect accompaniment to a beef burger, or even sliced up and put in a salad. As the weather heats up, Donnelly Irish Meats are the perfect addition for the summer barbecue.

Donnelly Banger Rolls are a unique product, a popular delicacy in Ireland and the UK, they consist of Irish pork meat wrapped in pastry and cook in the oven in less than 20 minutes. A perfect appetizer or they can be made the center of your meal.

"We are happy to provide the US market with quality pork products. Consumers get a taste of Ireland from Donnelly Irish Meat products, which are all made to traditional recipes.  The exporting of Irish meat was at an all-time high last year, worth $4.47 billion and accounting for 30% of Irish food and drink exports. We are excited to keep expanding the appeal of Irish meat to the US market."  Pat Coleman, Food Ireland CEO.

Donnelly, based in New York, is available through Food Ireland, online, in select supermarkets, as well as through a number of distributors.

We'll be at the Summer Fancy Food Show in NYC, top by booth 143 to sample some of our products and discuss adding Donnelly into your supermarket, bar or restaurant.

*Donnelly is proud to be sponsoring the upcoming Yonkers Marathon, the second oldest marathon in the US, coming up in October. 


Source: Donnelly Irish Meats