Fake Meat Fad Hits The Chopping Block

Customers and investors alike are sticking a fork in fake meat.

Why it matters: Eating plant-based meats is one of the easiest ways for Americans to reduce their overall carbon footprint. But after years of hype, the tide is turning against the first generation of plant-based protein makers.

The big picture: Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat captured headlines — and plenty of legitimate interest from consumers — with their plant-based “hamburgers.”

  • Both companies’ plant-based burgers were a hit — the “meat” looked and tasted similar enough to beef that many diners couldn’t notice the difference.
  • The meats were so popular that fast food giant Burger King noticed and added an Impossible Whopper to its menu.
  • Impossible and Beyond started looking at other types of meat they could replace, and expanded their range of offerings to other highly processed meats like chicken nuggets and sausages.

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