Fareway Meat Market Adds Comfrey Farm DUROC “Craft Pork”

Boone, IA — For 83 years, Fareway Meat and Grocery, based out of Boone, Iowa, has built its reputation on curating the finest, freshest meat offerings from trustworthy growers and processors.  Fareway Meat and Grocery was the first major grocer to carry Comfrey Farm Certified DUROC® by Minnesota-based Prime Pork® and, today, Fareway announces that this prized pedigreed pork will now be available coast-to-coast via FarewayMeatMarket.com.

 “We really place a strong focus, and pride ourselves, on our pickiness when it comes to overall quality, our variety of meat cuts, and the knowledge and passion of our experts,” said Jeff Cook, Vice President of Market Operations. “People will go out of their way to seek our meat, knowing that we are fanatical about meat quality. But, depending upon where you live, options may be quite limited, or disappointing.”

As a Certified, pedigreed DUROC® breed, raised and fed with the utmost care by nearby family farmers, Comfrey Farm consistently delivers ruby-pink color, and all-natural juicy flavor and tenderness. It only takes one bite to discover what meat connoisseurs say is the best pork they have ever eaten and rivals the very best steak.

According to the Power of Meat 2019 research report, the meat case is the most common destination in a grocery store, used by 79% of shoppers. Even so, 45% of meat buyers reported that they expect to purchase more meat online in the future.

FarewayMeatMarket.com enables quality-driven consumers to easily shop for what amounts to the best quality meat selection in the world—delivered fresh to their doorsteps. Online shoppers will find the popular cuts they love, like pork loin and shoulder butt, plus other Fareway “exclusives” like:

  • The DUROC American Chop is a thicker cut from the pork loin which retains its natural juices when grilled.
  • The Comfrey Farm DUROC Ribeye Chop is a favorite among Fareway specialty butchers. Cut from the rib end of the boneless Pork Loin, it is more tender, flavorful and juicy due to the darker blade section and the better pH of the DUROC, which naturally helps the chop stay moist and tender as you cook it.

During this introductory period, Fareway and Comfrey Farm are offering a limited-time-only DUROC pork bundle, including ten Ribeye Chops, two Loins, and one Tenderloin at $50 off plus free shipping at FarewayMeatMarket.com. By inserting the promo code “DUROC”, you can receive a Comfrey Farm feast delivered right to your door for only $99.99!

FarewayMeatMarket.com is an online meat market offering premium beef and all natural pork raised by family farmers and sourced straight out of the heartland, giving you access to the highest quality meat in America. All products are hand cut by a highly experienced team of butchers, providing not only quality, but consistency.

Prime Pork®, LLC is a start-up company with the passion and integrity to discriminately select the best quality hogs, including pedigreed Certified DUROC® for their most scrumptious meat characteristics. We partner with high-integrity family farmers who pledge to raise these amazing animals with the utmost dedication and care. Our plant is unlike any other in the U.S.–ensuring the flavor, ruby-pink color and integrity of our meat. Our entire team shares Glen Taylor’s vision for elevating the craft of raising pork the way he remembers it as a child growing up on his family farm in Comfrey, MN. Comfrey Farm® is proud to be part of the Taylor family, which consists of 80+ companies including the Minnesota Timberwolves, Minnesota Lynx, and Minnesota Star Tribune. For more information, visit ComfreyFarmPork.com