First Time to the US, Crowd Cow Imports the A5 Wagyu Japanese Packer Brisket

SEATTLE — Crowd Cow, the online marketplace that sources its meat directly from the top 1% of farms and ranches across the country, including Japan for its Wagyu products, announced today that they have exclusively imported a limited amount of Japanese A5 Wagyu “Packer Briskets” into the United States. These briskets, the popular cut for barbecuing that comes from the lower chest of the cow, have a unique cut plan, different from that of a domestic brisket, which lends itself to weighing in at over 30 pounds untrimmed. Even more rare and exclusive are the fewer than 20 Olive Wagyu Briskets from Kagawa that Crowd Cow is offering. The marbling and tenderness of authentic Japanese A5 Wagyu produces a brisket of supreme excellence unlike anything else.  

“This has been over a year in the making,” says Joe Heitzeberg, Crowd Cow Co-Founder, “We are focused on meeting a rising demand from knowledgeable pitmasters across the country, eager to try new cuts and push against the traditional boundaries of how it’s always been done. We knew we had to find an exclusive incredible cut. That is the A5 Wagyu Packer Brisket.”

Those who are able to get their hands on one are in for an exclusive opportunity few barbecue enthusiasts have ever had. Crowd Cow partnered with Steven Raichlen, a Barbecue hall of famer and legend in his own right, to launch this brisket at his Barbecue University at the Broadmoor Resort in Colorado Springs this past month, “It’s like eating the richest, smokiest imaginable brisket fat in suspension with meat holding it together. The class went crazy tasting it! “

The Japanese Packer Brisket will be available to the public July 2nd. For more information, visit

About Crowd Cow
Crowd Cow, the online marketplace for craft meat, sources from the top 1% of farms and ranches across the country, delivering the best tasting meats to your doorstep. We work with more than 100 U.S. farmers and have explored the farthest reaches of the world to build the most extensive and selective network of independent farmers who provide exclusive, quality meat from a known source. We find everything from grass-fed beef raised on local farms, to more exotic options like Kagoshima A5 Wagyu from Japan. Based in Seattle, Crowd Cow’s investors range from Madrona Venture Group to Joe Montana and Ashton Kutcher and was named GeekWire Startup of the Year in 2018.