Florida Beef Council Celebrates Florida Beef Month

KISSIMMEE, Fla — May marks the only time throughout the year when the state of Florida officially celebrates BEEF. Proclaimed Florida Beef Month, May is the month when the Florida Beef Council raises awareness of beef as a delicious and healthy protein that can easily be incorporated into a healthy lifestyle.

With Memorial Day as the traditional kick off to the summer season and one of the most popular grilling holidays of the year, May is a natural time of year to celebrate beef. Florida is a cow calf state that is home to over 880 thousand head of beef cattle and ranks 13th in the nation for total beef cattle numbers.  Florida's cattle world is where much of the country's beef begins its journey from pasture to plate. 

Not only is beef an essential ingredient for backyard grilling celebrations, a growing body of evidence supports the many health benefits of incorporating more protein, including lean beef, into a reduced calorie diet. On average a 3-oz serving of lean beef is approximately 150 calories and provides 25 grams of protein. In fact, it takes two to three times more calories to get the same amount of protein from plant-based meat alternatives. Beef provides 10 essential nutrients including, Iron, Zinc, Protein and B Vitamins; to help maintain a healthy weight, build muscle, and promote proper growth and development.

"Beef tastes great and is a perfect choice for any grilling get together or weeknight meal," notes Allyson Trimble, with the Florida Beef Council. "With 38 of the most common cuts of beef meeting the government guidelines for lean, beef is a key ingredient to create tasty, healthy, high protein meals."

To celebrate the 2018 Florida Beef Month theme, "All American Summer," these recipes have been selected based on their ease of preparation and flavor. Go to https://www.floridabeef.org/recipes/florida-beef-month for these recipes and more.

Two Bite Burgers
Cheesy Jalapeno Burgers
Cucumber Ranch Steaks 
Beef Tenderloin Steak with Blue Cheese Topping 

About The Florida Beef Council
Founded in 1956 and funded by the Beef Checkoff, the Florida Beef Council (FBC) collects $1 from every head of cattle sold within the state for the purposes of promotion, education and research of beef. For beef-related recipes and to learn more about beef, go to http://floridabeef.org

Source: The Florida Beef Council