Foster Farms Announces Multi-Million Dollar Expansion of Livingston Plant

Foster Farms President and CEO Laura Flanagan announced a multi-million dollar capital investment project that will support an expansion and upgrade of the company’s poultry processing facility in Livingston.

The multi-million dollar investment will expand the facility’s product lines, which currently provide 2,032 jobs in Merced County. Additional jobs will be added as part of the expansion.

Construction for the Foster Farms expansion project has already begun, with completion scheduled for September 2019. The expansion has been made possible by a $6.5 million economic incentive package, developed by state and local government leaders working in concert with Foster Farms executive staff.

The package includes resources from California Competes, the California Energy Commission Food Production Investment Program, the Merced County Expanded Subsidized Employment Program, the Merced County On-the-Job Training Program, as well as incentives from the City of Livingston.

The following organizations played major roles in developing the incentive package:

  • The Office of Assemblyman Adam Gray
  • The Governor’s Office of Economic Development
  • The Merced County Board of Supervisors
  • The Merced County Department of Community and Economic Development
  • Worknet Merced County
  • The City of Livingston

“This is a perfect example of government working with local business to help keep jobs in the Valley and grow our economic base,” said Chairman Lloyd Pareira of the Merced County Board of Supervisors. “Not only do we tell people that we’re business friendly—we show it.”

“The expansion of a local company that employs more than 2,000 people is of particular importance in a community where every job and source of revenue counts,” said Vice-Chairman Rodrigo Espinoza of the Merced County Board of Supervisors, who also represents Livingston as the District 1 Supervisor. “I would like to personally thank the Merced County Community and Economic Development team for spearheading this and working so hard to create a competitive incentive package.”

“This investment by Foster Farms is a major win for the entire Merced County community,” said Mark Hendrickson, Director of Community and Economic Development for Merced County. “I’m quite proud of the facilitative role my organization played and wish to congratulate each of our partners who worked at the speed of business to support their effort.”

“The City of Livingston prides itself for having such a dynamic and community-oriented company and we are pleased to see Foster Farms continue to grow and prosper here,” said Gurpal Samra, Mayor of the City of Livingston. “We look forward to continuing our close and rewarding partnership for many more years.”

“Foster Farms is expanding its Livingston operation to allow for future growth and diversification of our customer mix on the West Coast,” Flanagan said. “Foster Farms first opened a plant in the City of Livingston in 1959. Since then, we have been very pleased with the quality of the workforce, the access the location provides us to California markets, and the partnership of state and local officials in helping us to succeed in California.”

About Foster Farms

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