Global Sustainability Leader to Capstone 2021 Global Conference on Sustainable Beef

Nicole Johnson-Hoffman, Managing Director, SVP and Chief Sustainability Officer, Protein Industry, for OSI Europe, will provide the capstone address for the 2021 Global Conference on Sustainable Beefto be held April 14, 2021 (April 15 in New Zealand and Australia).   OSI Group is an international group of companies that has been developing innovative food concepts and solutions for its customers worldwide  in cooperation with leading food service and retail brands for over 100 years, thus making an important contribution to the food industry.

Ms. Johnson-Hoffman, a former President of GRSB, has an extensive background in sustainability and her presentation will bring together the issues and concepts discussed during the 2021 Global Conference and challenge the beef industry to embrace global goals.

The Global Conference will provide an exciting world-wide virtual platform to understand the proposed GRSB Global Beef Sustainability Goals to be implemented over the next ten years. The development and adoption of these goals is important in demonstrating the beef value chain’s commitment and progress in achieving more sustainable global practices.

To see the agenda for the conference as well as to register, please click on the following link: 2021 Global Conference on Sustainable Beef

The GRSB and its stakeholders would like to thank the following organizations for their contributions to the Beef Sustainability Acceleration Fund and support of the 2021 Global Conference on Sustainable Beef.