Goats Are In Short Supply As Demand For Meat Rises

On top of everything else, we are in the grip of a goat shortage.

Good news for those who raise goats; not so good for the growing number of
people eating them.

It’s a supply-and-demand thing rather important to Missouri, which ranks eighth
in the nation in its number of meat goats: 84,600 and shrinking.

Someone is counting goats? During a shortage, at least, every horned head
matters to the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Photo Caption: Chloe Creager, 10, of Olpie, Kan., spends some time with her
six-month old Boer meat goats Taz, left, and Billy Bob before showing them and
then selleing them in the Kansas Junior Livestock Show at the Kansas Coliseum in
Wichita, Kan. Friday, Sept. 22, 2006. This is the first year for goats at the
event, where more than 1,500 animals will be shown and sold by 4-H youth through

Photo Credit: Associated Press, Mike Hutmacher

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