Godshall’s Updates Packaging for Their Turkey and Beef Bacon Brand and Announces Plant Expansion to Keep Up With Consumer Demand

Souderton, PA – Godshall’s Quality Meats, an employee-owned company and the largest producer of whole-muscle turkey and beef bacon in the United States, rolled out a new logo and packaging this year that accentuates the premium quality and attributes of their products, such as real wood smoked, no added hormones or MSG, and less fat than traditional pork bacon. 

“We conducted extensive research to learn what product claims were most compelling to turkey bacon consumers, and placed these desired attributes front and center on our new packaging and in our brand messaging,” said Ron Godshall, President of Godshall’s Quality Meats. “We also highlighted product features such as using whole turkey thighs and real wood smoke that differentiate us from other brands that utilize liquid smoke and mechanically separated turkey.”

Godshall’s consumer research also found that consumers 45 or under were significantly more likely to purchase turkey bacon weekly or 2 -3 times a month compared to those over 45 who were more likely to purchase it monthly or 4 – 6 times a year.

“The research also told us that a large percentage of turkey bacon consumers were open to trying beef bacon. This revelation led us to the develop our new Angus Steak Uncured Beef Bacon, which has been a spectacular success since its January launch,” said Francis Yupangco, Godshall’s Executive Director of Marketing.

To keep up with consumer demand for their products, Godshall’s is investing $74 million dollars to expand their Lebanon plant, which will double the size of the facility.  The first phase of the expansion began in November 2021 and will add 68,000 square feet to the plant, with an expected completion in the second quarter of 2023.  The second phase was recently approved to add an additional 37,000 square feet and is scheduled for completion a year later.

Once completed, the Lebanon facility will be over 200,000 square feet and will utilize advanced robotics, automation as well as continue Godshall’s legacy of being environmental stewards through green initiatives, such as solar power, recycling, water reduction, energy reclamation and using clean-burning natural gas.  

About Godshall’s

Since 1945, Godshall’s has grown into a thriving company with facilities in Telford, Lebanon and Souderton, Pennsylvania. The Godshall’s, now in their third generation of leadership, remain dedicated to supplying premium smoked meat to customers nationwide. In 2017, Godshall’s converted to an employee-owned company with over 500 employee-owners. From a local family butcher shop, to an international supplier of meat delicacies, the company never lost track of its mission to provide wholesome premium meat products to family tables everywhere. For recipes and inspiration, visit https://godshalls.com/.