Improving The Costs and Yields of Lab-Grown Meat

Investment in lab-grown meet continues, with the search for the type of product that will taste more realistic to ‘real meat’ and which can also be produced to scale. Researchers have put forward a new process that could deliver a consistent product.

Meat consumption continues to increase globally, despite the popularism of veganism in some societies. Currently, a typical person is consuming some 20 more kilograms of meat per year, when compared to 1961. The current level of consumption stands at 43 kilograms per person per year. Behind this statistic is the fact that providing for this growing demand is proving challenging, as are the environmental challenges associated with meat production (including loss of rainforests and the issues surrounding antimicrobial resistance). For these reasons, various research projects have been established to improve so-termed ‘lab-grown’ meat.

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