It’s Prime Time to Market Prime Beef

There’s more higher-quality beef in the marketplace, thanks to advances beef farmers and ranchers have made in technology, genetics, and nutrition. Today more than 80 percent of beef graded and available in the marketplace is USDA Prime and Choice, the two highest quality grades.1 Prime beef now makes up 8.6% of graded beef, up from 4.4% just five years ago! With Choice beef available in most grocers’ meat cases, some retailers are offering their shoppers Prime beef to differentiate themselves in the competitive marketplace. Attracting beef shoppers can increase sales across the entire store, as the average shopping basket with beef is more than twice the value of the typical cart: $85.70 vs. $41.33, respectively.2

Prime beef commands a price premium thanks to its superior flavor, tenderness and juiciness, but what’s the best way to convey these attributes to shoppers to motivate them to pay more for an elevated experience? The Beef Checkoff recently surveyed more than 1,600 shoppers to determine the best messaging for selling Prime beef in retail.

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