Local Non-Profit Group Trying to Halt Construction of New Hog Plant in Sioux Falls

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – Smell it coming? That’s the phrase a new non-profit group is using to convey its effort to halt the construction of a new $600 million pork processing plant in northeast Sioux Falls.

Locally-owned Wholestone Farms — whose board chairman insists the facility’s look and odor will not be a hazard to the area’s quality of life — plans to employ 2,000 workers and harvest 6,000,000 hogs per year on about half of the 172 acres of land the company bought near I-229 and Benson Road.

That’s about as many pigs that are slaughtered north of downtown at Smithfield Foods, whose odor is well-known to residents and visitors of the city.

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