Lunchables Inventor Raises $3M For Vegan Meat Company

North Carolina-based vegan company Improved Nature raised a $3 million investment round led by firm Concentric Capital this month.

In 2015, Improved Nature was founded in part by scientist Richard “Rody” Hawkins, the inventor of Lunchables. The company uses a proprietary process to create plant-based meat products—such as Pork-Free Cutlets, Beef-Free Country-Fried Steak, and BBQ Boneless Chicken-Free Wings—from soy, which it distributes through food-service networks. “The company was formed to bring simple ingredient plant-based protein products to the commercial markets to meet the global demand for plant-based proteins,” Improved Nature CFO David Swintosky told AgFunderNews.

“The company’s products are shelf-stable, single-ingredient protein concentrate products that when activated—boiled in water like pasta—perform like animal proteins in bite, texture, and taste.” 

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