Matrix Meats Rebrands as Matrix F.T.

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Matrix Meats, Inc., the food technology company providing meat producers with advanced plant-based nanofiber scaffolds and microcarriers to grow cultivated protein, today announced that it has rebranded as Matrix F.T. Utilized worldwide by some of the most recognizable names in cultivated meat production, Matrix F.T. will continue to drive technological advancements across the sector as the industry embarks on unprecedented expansion.

Adopting F.T. in its brand, which stands for “Food Technology,” will give Matrix F.T. the ability to better represent its role as a manufacturer of enabling technologies in cultivated meat production – where the company can provide solutions at strategic moments during the cell cultivation process. Scaffolds and microcarriers have proved to be one of the most viable methods of helping scale cultivated meat production, making Matrix F.T. a vital player in the industry’s push to provide consumers with an alternative to meat harvested from a slaughtered animal.

Matrix F.T.’s new logo further emphasizes the company’s value proposition. The primary “M” logo mark is designed to mimic nanofiber scaffolds, with gradually thickening lines to represent the proliferation of cells. The new logo clearly identifies the food system transformation that Matrix F.T. is building, one scaffold at a time.

“Because of the multiple products that can be made in our labs to help scale the alternative protein sector, the name ‘Matrix F.T.’ is an accurate moniker that is inclusive of all the products and technologies that come out of our labs,” said Matrix F.T.’s CEO Eric Jenkusky. “The modified name also better positions us in the market and with future potential investors as we prepare to launch our Series A later in the spring of this year.”

Matrix F.T.’s Director of Corporate Development, Teryn Wolfe, spearheaded the rebranding effort along with Kim Flores of Clear Current Capital, one of Matrix F.T.’s investors and Rhonda Hoffman, a Matrix F.T. Board Member.

About Matrix F.T.
Based in Dublin, Ohio, Matrix F.T. is a designer and manufacturer of the foremost plant-based, edible nanofiber scaffolds to enable the production of clean, healthy, and environmentally friendly cultured protein to ethically feed the world. Further information, please visit