Meat Tech 101: Advancements Changing the Definition of ‘Meat’

A short time ago in a land not so far away, when you went to the grocery store to buy meat, you could reasonably assume everything in the meat case was made from responsibly harvested livestock and that the ingredients list would include, well, meat. USDA grades and claims entered the scene but at its core, you were still eating something easily defined as meat. Today, food technology has advanced to a point where the definition of “meat” is a bit fuzzier than it once was. As Midan Marketing learns more about how meat consumers approach the technologies redefining meat, we also wanted to help get our readers up to speed.

Believe it or not, I’m not writing about plant-based meat alternatives today. While they are the product currently making waves in the meat case, they’re far from the most interesting technological advancement happening. Non-GMO meat, gene-edited meat and cell-based meat are the products of tomorrow that we need to work toward understanding today.

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