Mighty Spark Modernizes Meat Department by Donating a Meal for Every Purchase of its All-Natural, Premium Poultry

MINNEAPOLIS — Mighty Spark, an independent food company, is inviting consumers nationwide to give back to those in need by donating a meal for every purchase of their all-natural, premium poultry. This month, Mighty Spark also introduces its more sustainable, consumer-friendly packaging design that highlights trusted product attributes of its all-natural poultry made with premium cuts and boldly features the meal donations. 

“We’re excited to provide consumers with our all-natural poultry in more sustainable packaging,” said Nick Beste, Mighty Spark Founder and CEO. “Our consumers are the spark behind the more than 3 million meals we’ve donated worldwide. Our minimal packaging design will allow for more people to discover just how easy it is to give back. For each purchase of our all-natural, premium poultry, we donate a meal to someone in need locally or internationally, so we thank our consumers for making a big impact.”

A Modern Look For Lean, Flavorful Poultry
Mighty Spark spoke with hundreds of shoppers about what they wanted most when storing and cooking premium poultry.

Consumers’ preferred packaging elements are reflected in Mighty Spark’s transparent film packaging with clear callouts of trusted product attributes, playful illustrations of each protein type and bold-meets-modern typography. The brand’s values of giving back through its amazingly delicious food are called out to inform consumers that their purchase makes an impact on food insecurity through a donated meal.

Additionally, Mighty Spark is delivering a more sustainable packaging design compared to other poultry brands in the meat aisle. As a growing number of consumers make sustainable packaging one of their top priorities when making purchase decisions, Mighty Spark’s new minimal design eliminates excessive plastic packaging. Mighty Spark’s vacuum-sealed film has approximately 90 percent less plastic compared to most modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) trays.

Mighty Spark’s all-natural premium poultry, including pattiesblended ground chicken and turkey, are packaged in leak-proof, space-saving and freezer-ready brick form.

Modern Meat For Millennials
In addition to more sustainable packaging, Mighty Spark’s lean, flavorful poultry caters to consumers seeking healthy, authentic proteins.

  • As reported in the FMI’s 2019 Power of Meat Study*, two-thirds of consumers seek better-for-me protein products. Retailers nationwide are launching Mighty Spark’s all-natural premium, poultry patties and ground blends as a solution to these consumers.
  • Three-quarters of shoppers are interested in blended items, which are a mix plant and meat items, with millennials showing the greatest interest*.
    • One of Mighty Spark’s top-selling blended products are the Southwest Chicken Patty, which is a blend of jasmine brown rice, all-natural chicken, roasted corn, black beans and fire roasted Poblano peppers and is popular among flexitarians.
  • Value-added products, such as pre-seasoned meat, is driving growth in the meat department.
    • Mighty Spark’s Sweet Thai Ground Chicken, pre-seasoned with ginger, shallots and honey, is a best-selling item and convenient meal solution, perfect for lettuce wraps and Thai dishes.
  • A growing proportion of consumers want to purchase products “with a cause.” *

Mighty Spark Meal Donations 
What started as an idea from Mighty Spark Founder and CEO Nick Beste to use his business to help feed those in need has grown into a movement with more than 3 million meals donated.

Mighty Spark believes that together we can be the spark that makes an impact, and that’s why every purchase of Mighty Spark provides a meal to someone in need. In just two years, the company has donated 3,493,728 meals worldwide.

Committed to be a force for good by helping feed those in need, Mighty Spark projects to donate 2,360,000 meals in 2019 – that’s one meal every 13 seconds. Mighty Spark donates to non-profit partners Kids Against Hunger and Children’s Hunger Fund to sponsor meal packing events for its donated meals.

“Kids Against Hunger is proud be one of Mighty Spark’s partners for their Give Back meal donations, which has provided more than 2 million meals to those in need throughout the U.S. and internationally,” said Chris Leader, President, Kids Against Hunger. “Because of Mighty Spark’s donations, we’ve been able to host volunteer events nationwide to make an impact on communities and help those in need through the meals provided.”

“Children’s Hunger Fund is thrilled to be partnering with Mighty Spark to serve suffering families throughout the world,” said Anthony Kasper, Director, Relationship Development, Children’s Hunger Fund. “Throughout this partnership, it’s been clear that they care deeply about those benefitting from the meal donations and align perfectly with our mission to deliver hope through transformative relationships.”

Mighty Spark product is available at select retailers nationwide, including Publix, Safeway, Stop & Shop, Target, Fresh Thyme, Hannaford, Cub Foods, Lunds & Byerlys and more. Mighty Spark’s full assortment, and the impact consumers are making through the meal donations can be found at Mightysparkfood.com.

*2019 Power of Meat Study

About Mighty Spark 
Minneapolis-based Mighty Spark empowers shoppers to give back by donating a meal to those in need through each purchase of its all-natural, premium poultry. Together, with its consumers, Mighty Spark is making an impact on hunger in communities around the world with meal donations exceeding more than 3 million meals, and millions to come.

Available at select grocery stores nationwide, Mighty Spark uses premium cuts for its all-natural poultry to deliver unparalleled taste and quality. From Queso Fresco and Jalapeño Turkey Patties, to Bruschetta Ground Chicken to Honey and Jalapeño Low-Calorie Chicken Snack Sticks, Mighty Spark’s lean poultry not only delivers remarkable flavor, it’s also a small but powerful act that makes an impact on hunger each day. Join the movement by visiting Mightysparkfood.com, and follow Mighty Spark on InstagramFacebook or Twitter.