New Chuck Roll Animated Cutting Tool From Beef Innovations Group

Beef Innovations Group has added a new tool onto that provides vast amounts of valuable information on the chuck roll. The tool includes several animated cutting demonstration videos that walk viewers through how to merchandise the chuck roll into its five portion cuts – the Delmonico Steak, Boneless Country-Style Beef Chuck Ribs, America’s Beef Roast, the Sierra Cut and the Denver Cut.

The tool can be accessed by clicking here, or by selecting “Cut Information” from the menu bar at Once inside the tool, select Chuck/Chuck Roll options in order to view the demonstration videos. The videos will demonstrate how to separate 116D Beef Chuck Eye Roll from 116E Beef Chuck Under Blade as well as how to further merchandise each into the 5 portion cuts. The Chuck Eye Roll video shows how merchandise into three cuts: the Delmonico Steak, Boneless Country-Style Beef Chuck Ribs and America’s Beef Roast. The Under Blade video shows how to merchandise into two cuts: the Sierra Cut and the Denver Cut.

In addition to the animated video, cutting guides, application guides, sell sheets, yield data, schematics, recipes, research findings and tenderness rankings are also available to be downloaded from the site. Stay tuned in the future for new cutting videos to come for other beef subprimals.

For further information on the BIG website contact Jim Ethridge, Director, Beef Innovations Group at [email protected]

Source: Beef Innovations Group