Pittsburgh Penguins Partnership Shares Beef Strength Message

Bedford – The Pennsylvania Beef Council (PBC) is sharing the message of beef and strength through a sponsorship with the NHL Pittsburgh Penguins in the 2019-20 season. The checkoff-funded effort between the PBC and the Penguins highlights beef as one powerful protein while also sharing sustainability messaging where appropriate.

Included in the partnership is ad placement, on-site activation at a home game, homepage takeover, newsletter presence and beef recipe sharing inspirations. A corresponding 3-minute “Get Your Strength from Beef” video was produced to be used in March National Nutrition Month. It focuses on the effort between the Penguins and the PBC, sharing beef messages. The video combines the talents of well-known Pittsburgh Dietitian, Heather Mangieri and Penguins Team Chef Geoff Straub, both of whom have a passion for athletes and fueling bodies with powerful protein.

A bonus is the opportunity to build a working relationship with Chef Geoff, who has attended a beef spokesperson and issues management training to learn more about the industry. While at the training he learned the progress the industry has made, challenges it faces and how to positively respond to specific beef topics. As a beef advocate Chef Geoff will help share his support for beef throughout National Nutrition Month and beyond, incorporating the Beef for Strength theme. “Nutrition is key to success. Beef helps us provide meals with high-quality protein and nutrients needed for our elite athletes, both professional and youth to perform at a championship level,” says Chef Geoff Straub.

Special Nicely Done. Beef ads are focused on the athlete and hockey fan audiences. “Nicely done, beef. You’re on a breakaway for taste and nutrition.”, and “Nicely done, beef. You shoot, you score, you satisfy!” are part of the project messaging.

“We look forward to building a long-lasting relationship with Chef Geoff, the team and its fans, sharing information about beef’s great taste and nutrition attributes,” says Nichole Hockenberry, PBC Director of Marketing and Communications. “Through social media, the Nicely Done ads, video and other program elements, we’re excited about this Beef Checkoff opportunity to build on the Beef and Strength theme.”


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